Recipe : Salmon Soup Unique Recipe!

Every Tuesday and Friday at Megara (Greece) held Laiki. Laiki is, sort of surprised the market in the street. Where fishermen and farmers sell their work directly, to consumers who come from all over the city. In Laiki market you can get a variety of fish and fresh vegetables. This Friday I buy some fish. I am interested in the Salmon fish head, because the first I often have lunch at the market Monday, which happened close to where I work at that time.

On this occasion I tried to cook the salmon, I have been purchasing in Laiki.


1 Salmon Fish Head
1 clove of chopped red onion
1 clove chopped onion
2 clove garlic chopped
3 cm ginger
3 cm ginger
1 leaf Serai
1 carrot
1 tomato
1 spoon leaves that have been chopped celery
1 red pepper chopped
2 cups water

Tumis onion and garlic until golden brown, then add ginger, ginger, leaves Serai, and carrot. Then enter the salmon. Pour water and cook up to 10 minutes. Before the situation presented in the still hot add the sliced tomatoes, fresh sliced onion, celery leaves, and chili. Dech ready to enjoy!
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Chicken Soto with green condiment

Ingrediant :
850 gr chicken
250 gr oil
250 gr Serai
25 gr leaves orange
2 lt chicken broth
30 gr salt
30 gr, tea powder
10 gr pepper powder
150 gr soun, rendam, cut into pieces
100 gr bean sprouts, boiled
20 gr onion leaves, sliced
20 gr celery, sliced
20 gr lemon
20 gr green condiment
20 gr sweet soy sauce

200 gr onion
250 gr garlic
150 gr ginger
200 gr ginger
200 gr candlenut
250 gr turmeric

How to Make:
1. Boil chicken until soft, lift.
2. Fry chicken until brown.
3. Frying smooth flavor, add serey, and orange leaves, cooking until fragrant. to enter the ingredients in the stew broth, cook until cooked flavor.
4. Put soun, bean sprouts, spring onion, celery, and chicken in the dish. Pour with hot sauce, topping
served with fried onion, lime juice, sweet soy sauce, and green condiment.
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20 Tips for DIET

Diet is said to be 'effective' to create a stable body weight. Following diet tips that attention be feasible.

1. Eat before attending the invitation to eat. Santaplah boiled eggs, apples and drink tea or diet soda before going to the reception. This will help you brake appetite in the party.

2. Do not "make" you fat with the "meet" demand stomach. You can easily eat 600 calories zwieback and cereals without you realize.

3. Hamper Bring lunch to the office. If you can not have lunch outside. This will help prevent your lunch excessive.

4. Eat more soup. Soup without cream is usually a low-calorie and make sizable satisfied.

5. Try to eat low-calorie menu first before the others eat. Start with salads, vegetables, broth and soup, then meat last in the sequence. At the time shift to the meat, the belly is full enough for high-calorie menu.

6. Do not use a dinner plate. Use a salad plate every time you have lunch or dinner.

7. Make sure that the half-portion lunch and dinner you are the vegetables and fruits.

8. Start the day with a breakfast menu and a significant portion. This will help reduce the calories of the Feed the rest of the day.

9. Make eat as activities that have the goal, ie, healthy life. Enjoy the time food into the mouth, into the digestion. Make sure that the food that will provide nutrition for your body.

10. Add one portion of fruit or vegetables on your menu. If you have to, add one more portion a day to 8 portions.

11. Sports. Make it as an activity that can not be compromised again.

12. Gymnastics with music preference can be a fun activity. Bring along the family to participate in moving. Originally might hear a bit strange. But once you start, can-you can forget to stop.

13. Try 2 weeks without any sugar. It's amazing to know that you napsu eat can not This is usually gradually disappear.

14. Breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Most of them are struggling to avoid the hobby in the middle of the night eating are those who do not eat regularly or do not eat balanced.

15. Change the schedule of your night. If you usually wait up hobby, try reducing little by little. Not really easy, but the long run this will make the hands and mind you forget the night snack.

16. If you snack to eat when stressed, now is time to change. You must focus on how to find other, more healthy. Search method of the stress without involving food.

17. Write on paper label, "Close after dinner." Paste in your refrigerator door and lock.

18. Toothbrush immediately after dinner to remind yourself that the food has been exhausted.

19. Eat on time. And not do other things at the time of eating, such as reading, watching TV, or browsing the internet.

20. Walk 3 times around the floor before you have a shopping mall.

Source : tabloidnova
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Food fusion of East and West

Ethnic Japanese characteristics have fresh ingredients and the processing of simple.Sushi and sashimi menu is a typical example of Sakura, the processing is very easy and simple.

As part of the culinary world, the country of origin which is located in East Asia is also very akulturasi experience or potential, known as fusion (fusion = merging). This concept is not only mixing two different culinary regions, also referred to the traditional food made more modern.

So, what happens when East meets culinary culinary with the West? The result is a fusion menu. This combination can produce a new taste, or may only enrich and complement the original. As an illustration, in this edition bring the recipe japanese fusion.

Form of fusion can be observed a few menus. Among other menu called flora Teriyaki beef and cheese is a blend of typical Japanese Teriyaki sauce with Mozzarella which is located in the cuisine. Meanwhile, the popular shitake mushrooms from Japan are also harmonious with the combined elements of Italy through the use of angel hair pasta (like spaghetti fine).

Menu called garlic noodle. How does it taste? Please taste and feel that the East and West can also be paired in the tongue of anyone. Apart from the creations that can be produced, Japanese cuisine is basically do not use ingredients from the spice seeds, such as pepper, such as containing the seeds of chili to be mashed.

Ethnic Japan also does not use ingredients such as sharp smell of garlic. Soybean is the main material processed food, and penyedap usually used as a fragrant bowl of cut-pieces or finely shredded. original flavor cuisine includes Japanese mirin, shoyu, hondasi (from fish), and vinegar.

Generally there are five main ingredients that must be entered sequentially in order sa-shi-su-se-so which is the abbreviation of sugar (Sato), salt (shio), vinegar (su), shoyu (seuyu: spelling for the first time of shoyu ), and miso (miso). Interestingly, according to sa-shi-su-se-so, sugar is a spice that is inserted first, followed by salt, vinegar, salty soy sauce, and miso.

In addition to these main ingredients, there are sogayaki with spices and ginger candied ginger. Other examples with the curry powder flavor as curry (Indian curry). Sake which is the general term for the typical Japanese alcoholic beverages also sometimes added in cooking. Gynecology maximum 20% alcohol. Drink that is known as rice wine has a characteristic aroma, taste with a little sweet and sour.

Other types of rice wine that is often added as a flavoring mirin is a Japanese cuisine. It's more sweet, with lower alcohol contents. Mirin is also used as a friend eat sushi.Pada making Teriyaki sauce and Tempura sauce, mirin can be replaced with a mixture of rice wine and sugar with a 3:1 comparison.

In the Kansai style of cooking, mirin is used after briefly heated to a vapor alcohol. Meanwhile, on the Kanto style of cooking, mirin is used directly without any previous treatment.
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