Chicken Soto with green condiment

Ingrediant :
850 gr chicken
250 gr oil
250 gr Serai
25 gr leaves orange
2 lt chicken broth
30 gr salt
30 gr, tea powder
10 gr pepper powder
150 gr soun, rendam, cut into pieces
100 gr bean sprouts, boiled
20 gr onion leaves, sliced
20 gr celery, sliced
20 gr lemon
20 gr green condiment
20 gr sweet soy sauce

200 gr onion
250 gr garlic
150 gr ginger
200 gr ginger
200 gr candlenut
250 gr turmeric

How to Make:
1. Boil chicken until soft, lift.
2. Fry chicken until brown.
3. Frying smooth flavor, add serey, and orange leaves, cooking until fragrant. to enter the ingredients in the stew broth, cook until cooked flavor.
4. Put soun, bean sprouts, spring onion, celery, and chicken in the dish. Pour with hot sauce, topping
served with fried onion, lime juice, sweet soy sauce, and green condiment.

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