Food Cuisine Prevent Cancer

Death due to cancer disease will continue to increase, if there is no change in eating patterns, behavior, lifestyle in the community. One effort means that the disease can reduce the cancer is more traditional foods (local).

"G lobalisasi encourage the occurrence of radical changes in retail food system, The growth is marked with a" hypermarket ", fast food restaurants, franchises," food court "from various corners of the world, the most meyajikan" junk food "(food waste) with the risk exposure cancer is very high, "said Prof. dr Muhammad Sulchan her installation as the Guru of Nutrition Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, Semarang, not this old.

Added, the penetration of the global food convergence of food, food culture shift, the change pattern of eating, and unhealthy eating habits. It was marked from konsumtivisme and hedonism that imitatif.

Poor relationship with the natural human foothold on antroposentris ethics - the ethics of desire on the nature of human impact on the large-scale exploitation of natural resources, hiperkomodifikasi, particularly "fast food", and hiper consumption. Conditions that make people live a very consumptive.

"From there it appears evil, especially chronicle diseases including cancer," said Sulchan affirm.

In the history of civilization, according to Sulchan, access to human food consumption is needed to always follow the laws of nature that is bound to the macro-ecological and mikrokosmosnya.

"Nature is a man of learning many things, including diversity, balance, and mutual dependence of the synergistic," he said.

When the diversity and balance threatened by human behavior, then the pillars of life will collapse. "Excessive exploitation of nature to satisfy human desire for consumption are leading to that direction," he said.

He explains, a variety karsinogen (trigger cancer) is in the food, food karsinogen include natural and artificial, subtansi source for storage, processing high heat, pollutant, pesticide, food additive, and about a thousand substances are karsinogen.

According Sulchan, preservation and processing of food by using salt, curing a cancer initiator and promoter. Fast food using the food processing and maturation of the cancer risk. "Westernisasi foods increase the risk of cancer is affected," he said.

To reduce the risk of cancer, Sulchan suggest that people consume more local food using natural raw materials and processed traditionally. In addition, the need to consume lots of vegetables and fresh fruits, because in both there are many substances that are antioxidants.

He says, eating out and local soybean tempe of more healthy than soybean imports from the United States entered the category GMF (genetically modified food). Soybean GMF rejected many European countries.

"The consumption of indigenous vegetables and fruits, not ekstraks," he reminded.

He cite the case of colon cancer in the country showed improvement. In 1934 found only one case, and in 1937 became seven, and at this time prevalence of 1.8 per 100,000 population.

"Compared prevalence in the U.S. and other developed countries, cases of colon cancer in Indonesia is still low. However, this can not be a reason for not reducing the number of pengidapnya," he said.

In the U.S., Sulchan words, numbers kejadiannya 40 per 100,000 people, Europe (30), Japan (13), India (9), Nigeria and 2.5 cases per 100,000 population.

This senada been Chairman of the Oncology Indonesia, Prof. Suhartati. In a separate occasion, in Jakarta, recently, Prof. Suhartati, said the disease threatened explosion of cancer within 25 years. Estimated that there will be 84 million people died due to cancer disease. "The explosion of cancer occurs mainly in developing countries. Due to the increase in cancer of 300 per cent in the year 2030," he said.

The causes, according to Prof. Suhartati, because of disease including cancer or in the neglected endemic diseases are no symptoms. Due to ignorance that is the disease that will make people not do early prevention.

This is evidenced by patients who have come to the stadium condition information. "They come in local and advanced stages or advanced stages 4," said Prof. Tati.

Based on the results of the household health survey, cancer is the number five cause of death in Indonesia. In the last 20 years the number of cancer patients increased from 3.64 percent in 1981 to 6 percent in 2001.

American Cancer Society data record, the largest cause of death in women in the world is breast cancer (19 percent), lung cancer (19 percent), and cancer kolon and rektum (15 percent).

In the men, the disease is dominated by cancer cancer tuberculosis (34 percent), cancer kolon and rektum (12 percent), and prostat cancer (10 percent). Estimated, 80-90 percent of cancer is caused by factors related to the environment and food.

"From the point of view of nutrition, it is known that energy, protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the body's immune system. Defisiensi oxygen-vitamin will cripple the body's immune system, and eventually the body is not able to hold karsinogenesis (trigger the occurrence of cancer cells), "he said.

In studies using animal experiments that a certain food restriction can prevent the growth of various tumor. Underlie the theory that it is the restriction of food will cause hormonal changes in the body, so that the process of tumorigenesis (tumor formation) becomes obstructed.

"The disease tends to override the visible tumor animal experiment (mouse) that have excess body weight due to eating too much," said Prof. Tati.

Food that is rich in fat was associated closely with the emergence of bowel cancer and breast cancer. Meanwhile, the womb of a low fat and fiber consumption is high, as in the pattern of eating vegetarian, you can press the number of people with cancer.

Tumorigenesis is growing on the pattern of eating a low saturated fat is not a double. No saturated fat, either single or double, is known as the fat is beneficial for the prevention of coronary heart disease. Vegetable material such as nuts generally not rich in saturated fat.

Suspected to participate in certain hormones responsible for the emergence of tumor. Expenditure hormone is triggered by a high consumption of fat. Examples are hormones prolaktin (serum), which stimulate tumor growth, the measure when increasing our consumption of food rich in fat contents.

"When we cook meat, terbentuklah compound HCA (compound-amina amina heterosiklis) that may be causing cancer. HCA appears as a reaction between animal protein during the process of concoction or Browning (pencokelatan). The little that HCA, the health of our meat consumption , "he said.

However, Prof. Tati recognized, many people who do not know how to cook food that influence the number of HCA that. Roast meat in the oven will produce HCA less than the fry, burning, or baking in the oven on high temperature.

Meanwhile, boil in slowly with a gradual heat, steam or cook with the oven, the HCA is not practical. Various experiments on animals show that HCA can potentially lead to colon cancer, breast, pancreas, liver, and bladder.

Studies conducted by New York University Medical Center revealed that the woman who diligently eating red meat have a chance suffer breast cancer two-fold, compared to those who only eat poultry and fish.

"Mengonsumsi meat should always be accompanied with vegetables and fruits as a source of antioxidants. Fruits such as oranges, very rich in vitamin C which is the strong antioxidants. Similarly green consumption will also counteract the formation of HCA," he said. (Tri Wahyuni / from various sources)


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