To keep our bodies healthy, so every day we must choose Feed food is truly needed by our bodies. A complete food and nutrition adequacy.

Here are tips and choose the menu presents food that should be, to keep the body healthy every day:
When the body in a condition less fit, perbanyaklah soybean meal, and nuts contain a lot of protein. Perbanyak also consume food containing vitamin C and vitamin E that act as antioxidants in the body that prevent oxidation and improve the body's cells.
Try to consume balanced meals each day. Staple foods, vegetables, and fruits.
Consumption of different foods each day to meet nutritional needs, as well as vitamins and minerals needed by the body. For example if this day is too much consumption of meat, try to consume tomorrow many vegetables and fruits to reduce the consumption of meat.
Avoid too often consume junk food and instant food.
If you had a lot of junk food consumption, food, and add the vegetables and fruits.
Hygiene in the process of food consumption that we are affecting our health.

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