During pregnancy one of the important part in helping the development of fetus in the womb are what you eat and how you eat during this pregnancy. For that we need to learn about the principles of eating well during this pregnancy.

Some of the principles of good eating during pregnancy:

Change Eating HOW YOU, EVEN IF YOU EITHER we eat.
You are now pregnant food diet then you should follow a diet to eat for pregnant women. In the pregnancy you need more consumption of protein, calories (for energy), vitamins and minerals such as acid and iron folat for the development of your baby as well. Remember you need an additional 300 calories per day.

Avoid it can endanger FOOD AND MOTHER janin
Meat and raw eggs, soft cheeses, milk is not dipasteriusasi, alcohol, also cafein.

Pregnancy is not the right time for your Diet will only endanger the mother and baby. Diet during pregnancy will cause less vitamins, minerals and other important during pregnancy. Increase body weight in pregnancy is a good sign that the pregnancy is healthy. Pregnant women who eat well will increase in body weight gradually, generally will be delivered a healthy baby.

Eat small portions frequently BUT
In the first trimester there is a complaint usually nausea vomiting (morning sickness), try to eat atasi with small but frequent portions, avoid spicy and oily food.
Eat with a small portion but it is done several times is recommended every 4 hours. Remember, even if you are not hungry, but you need baby food / nutrition regularly.

VITAMIN pregnant women drink regularly
The food you eat is the source of most vitamins good-but if you believe your diet foods contain enough vitamin needed during pregnancy, especially the iron and acid folat which is necessary for healthy growth of babies. For that you should drink your vitamins regularly.

drinking enough WATER THAT
8 glasses a day. Because you need enough fluids for you and your baby. 33% increase in pregnancy weight loss is fluid. Fluid needed to build the baby's red blood cell system to sirkulasinya, fetal fluids. Body of water you need during pregnancy to overcome the constipation, and to set the temperature of your body.

FOOD fibrous, fruits and vegetables
Perbanyaklah eating fibrous foods, the fruits and vegetables can help you overcome constipation during pregnancy.

By doing that I eat healthy, not just pregnant women to make healthy and fit, but also help the development of a healthy baby for you

Remember your baby's development is highly dependent of what you give and do for him.

Hopefully this information can help you to do and how to eat a diet that is useful for both the mother's health is also a baby during pregnancy.

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