Types of Food For HEALTH BREAST

There are several types of food that can improve breast health, and this type of food can prevent you avoid breast cancer.
1. Reduce fatty food

Pattern of high-fat foods increase the risk of breast cancer.

2. The Increase Fiber

Gynecology fiber in foods such as green beans, all types of wheat, fruits and vegetables vegetables affect estrogen metabolism in the body and reduce estrogen in the blood.

3. Many eat vegetables

Broccoli, green vegetables such as spinach and turnip china for good breast health because it contains sulfur components.

4. Fish

Omega 3 oils in the fish's immune system to strengthen the influence of tumor and prevent the causes of cancer.

5. Soya bean

As Tempe, Tofu, this food contains estrogen, the type of food is good to prevent the growth of breast cancer.

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