Vegetarian food is best for us

Science has found that the human body's organs with specific functions and processes that work according to the laws of a particular nature. This natural law, if followed, will keep the body healthy and working in a normal level. Deviate from this natural law can provide a destructive influence on the human body. We were created to become a vegetarian. There are differences between herbivora (animal eater plants) and karnivora (animal meat eater), for example:

MOUTH. Human small mouth open, while animals such as dog meat eater have a mouth that opens wide so that the handful of meat can go into the mouth.

TOOTH STRUCTURE. Humans have a series of teeth cut teeth with sharp teeth or even the average is used to destroy and digest food, as animal herbivora (plant eater). On another aspect, the meat eater (karnivora) have long canine teeth, strong and sharp to grasp and tear up the meat. Canine sharp teeth in the side until near the jaw that is used to cut meat.

MOVEMENT JAW. Movement direction meat eater jaw open and close it. On the other animal eater plants have three different jaw movement - vertical or up and down to the side, or side-to side and front to back to the clan, such as humans.

INVESTINE. Meat eater has a simple stomach, small intestine is short, and the large intestine is very short, straight and slippery. On the other hand, plants have a capacity of consumer stomach with the greater part of the often-complex, such as stomach domestic livestock / cattle of the double-fold. The small intestine is very long and the large intestine is long and slippery. Human intestine is not shaped like the meat eater.

CHANNEL SWEAT. Plant eater sweating through the skin just like humans, while animal meat eater sweating through the mouth. Human saliva contains ptilin enzyme, the same as animal plant eater, which is used to mencerna flour, starch. Humans drink water with the smoke / inhale as the plant eater. While all animals inhale flesh eater with their tongue. Human bile salt, such as plant and animal eater not like meat eater.

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